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Goals for 2021: Learning Go and Rust
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In the past 6 or so years in Amazon I've been mostly working with Java and sometimes a little bit of Python. Now it's time to dive into something a bit different...

Rust / Go

Monitoring With Prometheus: Experiments With a Raspberry Pi
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Code available on GitHub here: DanieleSalatti/Prometeo What Is PrometheusPrometheus is cool software used for event monitoring and alerting. It includes a time series database used to record real-time metrics, it has a pretty flexible query language and alerting functions. It scrapes metrics over HTTP using a pull model -

Prometheus / Rapberry Pi

Docker: permission denied while trying to connect to the Docker daemon socket
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This is mostly a memo for myself since I'm sure I'll stumble onto this in the future as well, but I figured it might be useful for others as well. If you try to run a docker command you may get an error like the following: Got permission denied while