And I’m back writing…

…like in the good old days. In the early 2000’s I used to have a little tech blog on an old domain. Then time goes by, things change, life gets in the way. Writing wasn’t a priority for me at the time, so after some back and forth and long periods of infrequent updates, I stopped writing and shut down the blog.

Meanwhile, things kept changing: I moved abroad, changed a few jobs, my life went on. Social networks came along and the blogosphere disappeared – or at least became basically irrelevant. Do you even remember that term? People nowadays write on their Facebook profile. A bit like what happened with forums. How many new ones have you seen popping up in the last 10 years? The conversation moved on to Facebook groups, where it’s hard to find old posts and answers. Content just disappears.

The thing is, I’m getting tired of social networks. I’ve never understood Twitter. I’m sorry, Bart, but I just don’t get it (for those of you that don’t know Bart, he is a dear friend and ex colleague that now works for Twitter). Facebook has that I don’t know what that never enticed me to write much on it. Nothing worth keeping anyway. And for photos? Photography is a hobby for me, but even there things have changed. Flickr is basically irrelevant. Instagram is where people post their creations, but it artificially limits you to a very low resolution.

And so I decided to start a blog again. Going back to the origins, if you will. Not necessarily a technical blog this time, actually quite likely the opposite. Technical content is going to be sparse. This is simply going to be my little corner of the Internet where to write in my free time, a place I can use to keep track of what I do. To share like in the old days.

See you soon.