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Hello beautiful people of the world!

Here’s issue one of The Friendzone, the newsletter I hinted a couple of times on my socials and that I finally decided to launch.

I’ll keep this one very brief. I have been missing a space to post updates on random stuff I do or read: personal projects, articles I find interesting, books, podcasts, etc. Some of these deserve a whole article, but some do not and just writing a snippet on this blog for very minor things seems overkill. In the meantime, at work, I have been experimenting with posts as a way to keep my team up to date on what I am doing. Basically every Monday morning, Wednesday afternoon, and Friday afternoon, I post an update regarding my current and future priorities, blockers etc. That keeps the team updated and the stakeholders in the loop. Then I decided to do something similar here.

This space will be my weekly update – I don’t foresee sending this newsletter more frequently – that will hopefully allow me to share things that I would otherwise not have a proper outlet for. It’s called The Friendzone because it is going to be very informal and friendly, and whatever I end up writing might not be presented in a way that you would expect for an article. Which kinda seems like a way of saying that I will cut corners, and in a sense it is, but I believe that format is what is needed for this specific project.

So, here you have it, the first issue is out. Next Sunday you’ll get episode two πŸ˜€

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