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Life Update

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Daniele: For some reason, I decided that I want to start making YouTube content. Just, you know, record stuff post it in here.

Yeah. Well that did not happen. Hello friends. I am back with news and life updates. I am currently self-employed, I'm not working for Meta anymore and I am at a point where... I'm honestly debating what I want to do next.

I'm in touch with a few recruiters and a couple of very interesting startups, but for now, I'm just keeping my options open. In the meantime, I am working on my own projects. I'm taking some time to try and build something and I will try to build it in public as much as possible.

The reality is that I always wanted to build a product or a company and make it grow and be my own. And over the years, I've never given this idea, this desire I had a proper chance. Being a software engineer is fun, but I'm missing something while working for these big tech companies.

I started building an MVP for a SaaS application in the few months after I left Amazon, before joining Facebook, and I loved it. It was really satisfying. I got it to the point where I was showing it to potential customers and users and the feedback was good, but then I joined Facebook. And after going through the internal process to ask for permissions to work on my own external projects, in my own time and with my own equipment, I got denied

I'll be honest with you. I've been really depressed and demotivated for a solid couple of months afterwards. It really took the fun out of my nine to five, like completely. Now I'm working on it again. I'm bringing my old project back to life and at the same time, I'm taking some time to learn new technologies, especially around Web3 and crypto. In that sense I'm collaborating with Austin Griffith and the Buidl Guidl, and I'm building tools and prototypes for other developers, which is actually really fun and I get paid for it.

Austin briefly showcased my guild profile at ETH Amsterdam and I have a video recording of that. So I'm going to use that to let him explain how that works.

Austin: The Buidl Guidl members are building public goods tooling too, I think recently... let's see if I can find Dan... Daniele, where is he... Nope, not there.

Oh, it's... 0x maybe. Yeah. 0xDarni here he is. Okay. So this dude, just created this cool conviction cloud. He's coming up with these different iterations of showing off, conviction voting, and messing around with different formulas. So I'm streaming him money to learn how to build, to build generic components that are forkable for other people to come in here and use.

Like, if you wanted to create a conviction voting app, this is probably the quickest way to do it. You go here and you fork this code and you write in whatever you want. So definitely like this really kind of regenerative loop here, where I got tokens dropped to me, and then I'm streaming them to folks to kind of make the campsite better for the next guy who comes along to learn things.

Uh, and there was another one that he just posted. That was really interesting. I don't know if I can find it here. Yes, this right here. This was a really cool build. He came up with this conviction cloud thing, and it was really math heavy. So, yeah, I decay... I decay about it, but get in here and check it out if you're looking for a conviction voting app.


Daniele: That is really cool that prototype on conviction, voting that he mentioned evolved into something that I got to demo to Kevin Owocki, the founder of Gitcoin. And that actually felt good. I mean, it's open source, to begin with. I always wanted to contribute to something open source, but never could because most companies forbid it. Six years to Amazon and literally I couldn't touch anything outside the company.

Plus it is for two projects, the Buidl Guidl and Gitcoin that have positive externalities, which is definitely a plus. You know, knowing that your work has a positive effect on the world, even if it's just a little, it feels good. It's the opposite feeling that I had working at Facebook and hearing people constantly tell me how evil the company I work for is.

Plus on top of all of these, now I have a lot of free time. I even started reading again, something I haven't made time for in years. And it's not just technical stuff, but also other things that I'm interested in: philosophy, epistemology theory of knowledge. I'm reading the beginning of infinity by David Deutsch and I'm loving it. And as for the channel, I think I might start posting video tutorials as well on, you know, tech stuff.

I'll convert it into a half technical, half outdoors channel, I guess, because I'm, you know, too lazy to have multiple channels and this has my name on it anyway. So it makes sense for it to be about the stuff I enjoy doing. And yeah, that was it. This is the live update. And as always recording myself feels really, really awkward, but ...I'll see you next time.