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Hello Charts!


Alright, I had spare time today during lunch, and I decided to quickly try and add a useful feature to the blog engine that I am using: dynamic charts.

What that means is that now I can embed, directly in my .mdx files, a piece of JavaScript code that will be passed to a component and used to render a chart.

Here's an example, showing the price of Ethereum in the last 30 days:

The code? It's available on GitHub. Here's the code embedded in this MDX file, to show how easy it is now to add a line chart:

export const url = ``

export const mapper = (data) => {
  const { prices, market_caps, total_volumes } = data
  const labels = ['EUR']
  const values =, i) => {
    const date = new Date(price[0])
    return {
      x: ('0' + date.getUTCDay()).slice(-2) + '/' + ('0' + date.getUTCMonth()).slice(-2),
      EUR: price[1],
  return { labels, values }

<MDXLineChart url={url} mapper={mapper} showDots={false} />