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Goals for 2022?

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If you look literally two post down, you will find one titled “Goals for 2021: Learning Go and Rust“. Ignoring for a second the fact that I obviously didn’t learn either of those languages, that also tells the sad story of how infrequently I post on this blog.

2021 has definitely been a difficult year for most people, myself included. The pandemic-induced stress started weighing on me towards the end of the year, which forced me for the first time to acknowledge that I needed to start taking care of my mental health. I am using the term “stress” pretty loosely here: I am not worried for my personal health, I am young, healthy and fully vaccinated (plus booster). It’s the many, many days with little to no social contact. That’s what has been impacting me more than anything. Living in Seattle doesn’t help: it’s rainy and dark in winter, which I know affects my mood a lot. Usually I fight that with vitamin D and physical exercise and outdoor activities – hitting the gym, hiking, climbing, mountaineering, sailing. All activities that I usually enjoy with friends. And when you cannot see your friends…

I spent the last one month and a half working on myself, reading, journaling, reflecting. It was a much needed change of pace for me, I learned to be more emotionally self-aware, and worked on my self-empathy and self-kindness. It’s an interesting experience as I am used to taking care of my body, not much of my mind.

This time spent working on myself has been extremely useful. 2022 is off to a good start, and not just because I finally found a place in the US where to buy good spumante to pour in a glass and toast to the new year. I am recharged, happier, I have more energy, and I have lots of ideas and projects I want to work on in the next few months – some related to the blog one way or another.

On that note. This is a personal blog, my own little corner of the web where I post...not much, but pretty much anything. There are no rules. I don’t remember where I got this idea from (somebody at work), but I am going to start a newsletter for my friends (another term I am using loosely – anybody can subscribe) with updates on what I am doing, reading, watching, links to articles I found interesting etc. It’s not going to be spammy, and it’s not going to be too frequent – maximum once a week, and every issue will be a bit more personal than your average email. The newsletter will be aptly called “The Friendzone“. If you want to subscribe, here is the form:

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As cliché as it sounds, I am setting a few goals for this year and I will use this blog to track them.

Reading more is pretty much in everybody’s New Year’s resolutions, and I don’t see why I should make exception. A goal of 1 book per month should be reasonably achievable even for a someone that when it comes to books is a serial procrastinator like me.

Looking at bigger goals, I want to launch a personal project. I started working on Zerokie at the end of 2020 but I had to abandon that project a few months in for reasons outside of my control – well, not completely, but it would have required a pretty drastic change. Working on something outside of work felt very good though, and I know it is something I will need to keep doing for myself in the future to stay motivated and engaged in other aspects of my life. So, launching a personal project is a goal. Watch this space for updates.

Last but not least, towards the end of 2021 I started looking into Web3 and NFTs. My Twitter feed had way too many mentions of #nft and #web3 for me to keep ignoring that trend. And honestly? I haven’t been this excited about something happening in tech in a very, very long time. I have a few NFTs and I am now part of a few communities. More on this in a future post.

So, here we are. 2022. Let’s make this count.